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FitSync™ Corp., headquartered in Washington, D.C. is dedicated to empowering individuals, personal trainers, and health clubs to create, manage and track their fitness programs anytime, anywhere. Founded in 1999 by Paul Wittrock, FitSync is based on Wittrock's U.S. patent for an innovative handheld fitness tracking application and mobile platform.

The Need: To Implement a Mobile Method for Managing Fitness Programs

The American Council on Exercise advises strength training for adults at least twice a week. Fitness experts recommend “Track Your Progress.” Health clubs traditionally have offered clipboards and data sheets for their members to record and track their fitness routines and progress. FitSync recognized the needs of the fitness market and developed a system to replace the paper-tracking methods that health club members and trainers were using. In order to enable trainers, athletes and health clubs to manage fitness routines remotely, FitSync sought an easy, mobile solution for managing and tracking fitness activities.

Specifically, FitSync wanted a solution that would synchronize information between a handheld device, which could be easily accessed by multiple users in a health club, and the FitSync website, where each user’s personal information would be stored for remote access by users or personal trainers. The application also needed to be easily navigable for users while exercising with features such as touch screen data entry.

The Solution: Implement a Mobile Interactive Channel

FitSync™ chose Aether Systems' ScoutSync™ software for FitSync's Personal and Professional solutions on Palm OS™ handheld devices. Aether was chosen over other leading mobile solution providers for their ability to rapidly design and deploy the mobile solution from scratch.

Aether worked with FitSync to design the handheld application to include a customized interface (created in cooperation with BitWrench Incorporated, a Washington, DC-based Web applications builder), a conduit and a server-oriented database. Aether also built a customized installation program that enables users to install FitSync on their Palm and register at FitSync’s website simultaneously.

During an exercise routine, a user records their workout data on the handheld and then syncs the information via cradle, infrared, or wireless link to FitSync’s Web-based servers. FitSync users are then able to manage their programs and chart their data from any computer, anywhere.

FitSync™ Personal is for individuals using their own handheld devices to manage, create and record their exercise programs. This makes it easier to track progress in reaching personal goals, whether exercising in the gym, at home or while traveling. Users are able to access their personal data and FitSync’s measurement tools either via the Internet or their own handheld devices. They are also able to keep in touch with their trainers and gyms through the mobile devices.

FitSync™ Professional is a tool for personal trainers and health clubs. Personal trainers will use Palms to record their clients’ workouts during training sessions. Health clubs may offer loaner Palm devices for members’ use when not accompanied by a trainer. The Palm devices are synchronized in the clubs via infrared hubs located throughout the facility. FitSync utilizes the same infrared synchronization technology (developed by Clarinet Systems, Inc.) recently used by Aether Systems, Inc. to deploy a mobile solution for the U.S. Navy. By eliminating any potential form factor incompatibilities, infrared synchronization allows FitSync users to sync any Palm device at any FitSync-affiliated club or facility.

The Result: A User-Friendly Mobile Application for Fitness Enthusiasts and Professionals

FitSync Personal lets individuals:

  • Create, manage, and record workouts on either their Palm or the Web
  • Synchronize workouts with the Web through wired or wireless connection
  • Monitor progress through a Web-based application
  • Stay in touch with trainers via Palm message delivery
FitSync Professional helps fitness professionals and companies:
  • Generate non-dues revenue
  • Provide a private branded mobile solution
  • Manage clients' fitness programs remotely via the Internet
  • Deliver global or personal messages to members
  • Create Website "stickiness"
  • Build virtual fitness communities

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