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Brandow Automotive

Brandow Automotive is a progressive auto group headquartered in Warminster, Penn. The three dealerships had revenues of approximately $150 million with vehicle sales of more than 5,000 units. The Brandow Automotive Cyber division contributed approximately 1,000 units or 25 percent of the business last year."

The Need: To provide Internet Customers Faster Level of Service

Just a year ago, automotive dealerships relied on in-store customers, who generally were interested in purchasing a vehicle within 72 hours. Today, dealerships receive a great deal of business from customers who inquire about vehicles on the Internet. Customers are interested in obtaining detailed information before making their purchasing decisions. Vehicle sales that begin with an Internet inquiry usually ends in a decision period of two to three months versus a 72-hour turn-around; therefore, salespeople need to maintain on-going contact with the potential buyer or risk losing the sale.

Internet inquiries are received 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Car dealers need to be able to respond to those inquiries within a reasonable amount of time, in order to keep a customer's attention and subsequently make the sale. Brandow Automotive needed an application that would help its sales team keep up with the constant flow of Internet inquiries, as well as have the ability to have on-going communications with potential buyers even on employees’ days off.

The Solution: Wireless Technology to Expedite Response Time

Brandow Automotive dealerships have come to rely on Internet sales to meet their financial goals. Brandow teamed up with Aether Systems to employ the wireless company's NetSearch™ wireless lead management solution, allowing dealers to receive and track sales leads throughout the day via handheld wireless devices.

Dealers are able to give personalized responses to Internet requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week within two to three minutes of a request. NetSearch™ allows managers to channel leads to specific auto specialists. Therefore, if a customer requests information on Jeeps, the sales manager can forward the lead to a Jeep specialist, who can respond in turn with accurate and timely information, rather than forwarding the customer until they reach the appropriate salesperson.

By using the NetSearch™ solution, sales managers are able to monitor their sales teams by ensuring that all requests are answered in a timely manner and that no inquiry goes unanswered. The NetSearch™ solution also provides Web-based reports, allowing management to account for and evaluate salespeople and lead sources.

The Result: Increased Sales and Improved Quality of Service

Brandow Automotive's dealerships have been able to use NetSearch™ to turn their Internet business into 25 percent of their total business, with a higher potential for increased sales. With the ability to send personalized responses to inquiries immediately, the quality of service given to customers has improved tremendously.

Brandow Automotive owner Peter Brandow has expressed his commitment to, and belief in, using the Internet to win customers; so much so, he offers seminars for sales teams at competing dealerships touting Aether's NetSearch™. Brandow also participated in a National Automotive Dealers Association advertisement to promote the merit and value of incorporating NetSearch™.

With the implementation of NetSearch™, Brandow Automotive is able to meet and exceed its customers’ changing expectations, by providing its Internet customers with immediate personalized responses and accurate information.

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