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Aether Software Support is committed to ensuring our customers' satisfaction with our products, services, and support. Aether Software Support is dedicated to keeping you informed about the status of your cases throughout the resolution process and providing you with a standard way to escalate cases as necessary. Aether Software Support also aims to keep you updated regarding upcoming major and minor releases of our software.

Service Level Agreements

Aether Software Support's policy is to meet or exceed the following goals:

  • Acknowledge customer contacts within one hour during normal business hours.
  • Provide case resolution plan immediately if possible, otherwise respond within one business day regarding our progress and plan for case resolution.
  • Update customer with regular and timely case status updates regarding our progress and plan for case resolution.
  • Notify customer within one business day regarding the status change (and version availability) of any defect or enhancement requests.
Aether Software Support stands by our promise to consider a case resolved only   when the customer is in agreement with the resolution plan.

Case Status Definitions

Aether Software Support uses the following Case Statuses to categorize the current status of the case:

Case Status


A new case or a case that has been updated by the customer.


A Software Support Engineer has accepted the case.


A Software Support Engineer or Senior Software Support Engineer is actively researching the case.

Data Collection

The Software Support Engineer is awaiting feedback or additional information from the customer to continue the case resolution process.


Aether Software Support has provided a Solution to the customer. Aether Software Support is awaiting the customer's feedback regarding the case resolution. If Aether Software Support does not hear back from the customer within 1 week the case will be set to "Solved". The case can be reopened at any time by the customer.


The case has been escalated to Aether Quality Assurance and/or Development for further assistance. Aether Software Support will continue to provide status updates to the customer on a regular basis.

Next Release

The customer's defect or enhancement request is scheduled to be addressed in the next release of the software product.


The case has been resolved and closed per customer agreement.

Escalation Procedures

Aether Software Support strives to resolve all software support cases as quickly as possible. If the customer is not satisfied with the response time or the quality of the support service, they may request an escalation at any time. Customers may request an escalation by contacting Aether Software Support and asking to discuss the matter with a Senior Software Support Engineer or the Software Support Manager.

Escalation Levels

Level 1:The new case is received by Aether Software Support and a Software Support Engineer attempts to resolve the case to the satisfaction of the customer. Software Support Manager is notified.

Level 2:The case is escalated to a Senior Software Support Engineer. Vice President, Worldwide Support Services, is notified about the escalation.

Level 3:The case is escalated to the Advanced Product Support, Quality Assurance, or Development teams for resolution. Aether Software Support will continue to communicate with the customer throughout the case resolution process.

Major and Minor Releases

Maintenance and Support includes free major and minor releases (as such terms are defined in the customer's Software License Agreement).

Third Party Software

Aether Software Support does not provide support for third party tools but we will use reasonable and customary efforts to assist you with issues you may have as they relate to Aether software. We may request that you log the outstanding case with the third party vendor.

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