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Road Warriors

Give your road warriors access to vital information anytime-anywhere over any network or using any device.

Today's on-the-go managers and executives require the right tools to be more efficient and effective. Real time access to e-mail and other PIM (personal information management) tools, corporate information and the internet as well as convenient work tools such as mobile expense and time reporting provide data and work process tools that can greatly increase one's productivity. However, availability to tools such as these has only been a dream for the on-the-go business person. Until now.

Aether Systems' wireless infrastructure, software tools and partner alliances form the foundation of the most comprehensive set of productivity augmenting solutions available. Depending on your specific requirements, Aether can provide you with anytime-anyplace access to your:

  • Personal information management tools like Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino
  • Collaboration tools
  • Full knowledge of all aspects of your business through back end system integration
  • Mobile customer location, contact, sales and service information through CRM package integration
  • Access to corporate information and tools such as intranet and internet access
  • Expense and time sheet reporting packages

Aether has assisted numerous Fortune 1000 executive teams to become more productive. Access to the right information at the right time and convenient reporting tools result in the ability to make better decisions and save time. The bottom line: increased revenue and reduced costs resulting in rapid return on investment. Wireless solutions that appeared as 'just a good idea' have become an indispensable part of the management process.

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