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Field Data Gathering

Automate your field data collection processes so that vital information can be recorded and communicated anytime-anywhere over any network or using any device.

Field data collection processes are, in many cases, not much better than they were 20 years ago. Surveys taken at point of need are generally recorded by hand and entered into databases at a later time. Data recorded after the fact is generally inaccurate and incomplete. However, the value of data is based on correctness and timeliness. With Aether Systems' wireless infrastructure, software tools and services, you can change the paradigm of the way data critical to your business success is collected and disseminated.

By working with Aether, you can create processes that guarantee the accuracy, timeliness and accountability of your data collection needs with the following solutions:

  • Point of need data collection tools including:
    • Electronic survey forms
    • Bar code data collection aggregation
    • Electronic signature capture
  • Real time data feedback into backend databases
  • Automated reminders to ensure timely data gathering
  • Device management tools to ensure proper work documentation, application deployment and process adherence
  • Mobile customer location, contact, sales and service information through CRM package integration
These solutions can be applied to a myriad of applications including:
  • Medical:
    • Clinical trial data collection: increasing data collection accuracy and timeliness will result in quicker drug time to market.
    • Disease state management: improved monitoring and preventive care will result in fewer complications, improved health and reduced costs.
    • For more information, see our Healthcare Industry solutions

  • Field surveys
  • Merchandising & Quality Control
  • Utility data collection: point of need data collection tools will result in increased productivity, improved billing and higher customer satisfaction.

Aether has created solutions for numerous data collection applications by wirelessly enabling work processes. These applications improve accuracy, traceability and timeliness resulting in better processes and improved customer satisfaction. Aether's solutions quickly show a return on investment and a competitive advantage for your business.

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