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U.S. Navy
The U.S. Navy chose Aether's software to link the crew of the US McFaul to the ships central database and each other. The result? More than half of the ship's crew, including officers and enlisted men alike, are now enjoying the benefits of cutting edge mobile computing and communications capabilities.

Tomra is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of "reverse vending machines" which collect, identify, and give refunds for used beverage containers as part of consumer recycling or reuse programs. Tomra chose Aether's ScoutWare mobile computing technology to enable a new way of doing business through a highly mobile workforce which can function more accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively across the globe.

Becton Dickinson
Becton Dickinson developed a solution that improves patient care by enabling healthcare providers to send and receive the most up to date patient information from any location in the hospital. Using Symbol PT 1700 devices with Aether's ScoutSync™, medical professionals can connect to the vital information contained within Becton Dickinson's RX/DX application server from a patient's bedside.

U.S. Postal Service
The US Postal Service developed a system using Aether's software along with Symbol Technologies' scanning devices that streamline its international parcel tracking process making it easier for postal employees to track shipments.

San Francisco-based EverythingOffice is an e-commerce service that supplies technology and office products for small to medium-sized businesses. By implementing Aether's Software solution Everything Office can easily stay on top of field operations and free sales executives to refocus valuable time on attracting new customers and providing existing customers with the highest quality service.

Papel Giftware
Papel Giftware sells moderately-priced gifts to Mom-and-Pop retail stores across the nation. Product lines include the popular Windsor Bears of Cranbury Commons -- a collectible set of teddy bears that have recently been nominated for a TOBY award (The Outstanding Bear of the Year) by the International Teddy Bear Society. Papel used Aether's software to create an automated solution that would enable our sales executives to take customer orders remotely and then be able to ship them out within 24 hours.

Sonic Innovations
Sonic Innovations employed Aether's ScoutSync technology in the development of innovative systems for hearing aid diagnostics and patient records management. These facilities are in use by audiologists nationwide.

Wake Forest University
Wake Forest School of Medicine, one of the leading medical institutes in the United States, employed Aether's ScoutWare technology in the development of a first-of-its-kind mobile computing program designed to enhance the clinical training of its third and fourth year medical students. Wall Street View

Brandow Automative
Brandow Automotive, a progressive auto group headquartered in Warminster, Pennsylvania with more than $150M in vehicle sales per year, realized it needed to implement a system to allow its sales team to respond to the rise in Internet inquiries, immediately and accurately. Brandow teamed up with Aether Systems to employ the wireless company's NetSearch wireless lead management solution, allowing dealers to receive and track sales leads throughout the day via handheld wireless devices. the most extensive and advanced free source of financial information on the Web, integrated Aether''s ScoutWeb™ technology to power a scaled-down, wireless version of its website. ScoutWeb has enabled's customers to wirelessly access comprehensive financial information such as real-time stock quotes, market news, analysis and commentary, in addition to receiving personalized financial information and executing trades and transactions with online brokers.

MCI Worldcom. The VANS(Value-Added Network Systems) division of MCI Worldcom worked with the U.S. Government to deploy a major installation in the state of Pennsylvania to help run yearly safety checks on automobiles. With a Palm application and Symbol device-each car's data can be scanned by garage mechanics and then transmitted to general database via Aether's ScoutSync software. Much like a smog check, these devices will help to run safety checks on automobiles once a year-checking things like a car's blinkers, mirrors, and headlamps.

AT&T Wireless. ScoutSync is enabling flat-rate wireless data services that are provided to customers throughout the Vanguard network. We are also working with their enterprise sales team providing innovative wireless solutions.

New York Life used the ScoutSync SDK in the development of mobile extensions to their enterprise-wide agent support system.

Outreach Health. ScoutSync is powering an in-home nurse care application that eliminates the need for paper forms or lengthy office visits by the nursing staff.

SAP North America. ScoutSync was used for conference mail, course registration, and conference survey disribution and collection. The first high volume production load test for any synchronization technology - 1.2 million transactions in four days and 200+ concurrent syncs.

TSLi. ScoutSync provides the foundation for a nationwide wireless trouble ticket and field service support system for TSLi engineers.

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