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Aether's unmatched wireless hosted solutions and industry standard software products enable our customers to custom build their own wireless solutions or build upon already existing solutions, both of which can be hosted through our state of the art wireless hosting service. It's a powerful combination that gives our customers the ultimate freedom in both business and technology choice and the maximum in wireless application performance.

Aether offers a complete set of software tools and technologies enabling you to rapidly build, deploy and manage mobile and wireless solutions in your enterprise. Our products allow you to focus on the your value added solutions and result in reduced time to implementation, decreased implementation cost, limited risk, and improved project ROI. Aether's software products allow you to deliver the data needed to make your organization more productive and run more efficiently anytime, anywhere, on any device - extending the always available enterprise.

Aether provides a complete end-to-end solution for enterprise hosting needs. Wireless ASP services are provided through our two state-of-the-art Network Operations Centers featuring high-level security with complete disaster recovery. Also, we provide full-service provisioning and fulfillment for the devices you need to implement your wireless services solution.

Aether provides a variety of industry-leading products and services to address the wireless communication needs of the enterprise. We provide solutions on all major devices and platforms. This includes RIM Wireless Handhelds featuring BlackBerry™ by Aether™ and Pocket PC devices featuring EnterpriseISP™. In addition, we provide AirLoom™ to wirelessly enable your website

Aether's Wireless Commerce solutions enable you to deliver wireless commerce services to your customer, through any network technology and to any device. Aether also offers its Anywhere Commerce Platform to integrate and deliver new and complimentary services. Using this platform, a client can extend and enhance their wireless portal or service offering, making it even more compelling and relevant to their customer.

As more and more consumers turn to the Internet for a fast, hassle free buying experience, retailers of all sizes are relying on the Internet as a means to generate business. Aether's Wireless Lead Management group provides easy to use, turnkey and customizable solutions that enable you to quickly and wirelessly manage online shoppers' requests, giving you a competitive edge.

Aether Systems' wireless infrastructure, software tools and partner alliances form the foundation of the most comprehensive set of mobile and wireless solutions available. By creating the right combination of off-the-shelf products and custom built applications, Aether provides the mobile and wireless functional solutions that drive ROI by increasing productivity, sales and customer satisfaction while decreasing costs.

Put Aether's consultants on your project to ensure the best chance of your success. We can help conceptualize your ideas, design a mobile or wireless solution, and build and deploy the applications. From whiteboard to wireless, Aether's experts have the experience and skills that you need.

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