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Aether Systems believes the next stage of the information revolution will be fueled by the rising demand for "information mobility" as the workforce becomes increasingly mobile. Industries such as financial services, field sales and service, transportation and logistics, healthcare and government services already are relying upon wireless solutions to enhance efficiencies in the way they work. Industry analysts have validated this market opportunity by projecting that by the year 2004; the number of US wireless data users will rise from 3 million to between 15 million and 36 million.

Wireless phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), two-way pagers, and other devices provide the freedom and power of information mobility. Yet while many enterprises have recognized the potential value of wireless access, the enterprise market in general has questioned the degree to which competing platforms, complex implementation and questionable return-on-investment will slow or delay widespread adoption in today's volatile market environment.

The missing link, to date, has been a comprehensive and integrated foundation from which an enterprise can reliably and economically implement wireless solutions that will deliver immediate business benefits, while incorporating scalable functionality to allow for expansion. Aether Systems now solves these challenges, providing end-to-end wireless data services, systems and software that empowers handheld devices for mobile and wireless data communications and real-time transactions on enterprise systems. Aether offers ubiquitous access and activity on all major wireless carriers, protocol data adaptors and backend systems.

Company Overview

Aether is an industry leader in providing wireless data products and services, removing the complexities of disparate networks and devices from corporations seeking the benefits of information mobility. Founded in 1996, Aether allows individuals to receive real-time data on handheld wireless devices, using virtually any data network, any operating system (OS) and any hardware platform. Aether's proven expertise in wireless systems engineering, software tools and services, wireless network operations, product fulfillment and customer support uniquely position the company to deliver real-time, secure and reliable mobile and wireless data services for businesses.

Clients include Allegiance Health Care, E*Trade, Charles Schwab, Cotelligent, Hewlett Packard, National Discount Brokers, Nissan, Office Depot, United States Postal Service and Weblink Wireless, among many others.

The foundation of the company's wireless capabilities is Aether Fusion, an unmatched array of technologies, products, services and partnerships that eases the interoperability of wireless systems, architectures and protocols to make even the most complex IT environments open to wireless connectivity. Aether Fusion is the foundation for flexible, ROI-focused wireless solutions designed to grow as Aether's customers grow and adapt as their business requirements change. Aether designed the platform so that its partners may either license wireless solutions or have them hosted by Aether's industry leading wireless hosting services.

Aether's wireless data center provides an end-to-end solution by hosting and supporting their wireless services and systems at Aether's secure and fully redundant network operations center (NOC). In addition, Aether's world class hosting facility provides the ultimate in customer support, satisfaction and system integrity and reliability-allowing businesses to focus on the growth of their core business.

At the core of Aether's mobile and wireless offering is its Aether Intelligent Messaging (AIM) technology-the vital, dynamic technology that enables businesses to send, receive and act upon information in a wireless environment. Building on the AIM foundation is ScoutWare, the industry standard software family, which enables businesses to build enterprise-class mobile and wireless data synchronization and management solutions to extend their business critical information resources to a mobile and remote workforce.

Aether's best of breed vertical industry solutions include specialized products and premium content for markets including financial services, transportation and logistics, healthcare and mobile government.

Additionally, Aether has built a world-class consulting and engineering services group. Aether's engineers and consultants are the industry's brightest wireless and mobile solutions professionals and are ready to help businesses speed the development and deployment of their mobile and wireless solutions.

Aether's strategic partnerships and alliances include relationships with industry leaders such as 3Com, Certicom, Metricom, Novatel, Research in Motion, Palm Computing, AT&T Wireless Services, Verizon, Reuters, Visa, and First Data/Western Union.

Management Team

David Oros, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

George Davis, Vice Chairman and President

David Reymann, Chief Financial Officer

Dale Shelton, Chief Technology Officer

Brian Keane, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development

Mitch Selbiger, Senior Vice President, Marketing

Thomas McDonough, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales

Larry Roshfeld, Senior Vice President, Software Products


Aether Systems Core Product Offerings

Software Customers include: U.S. Navy, Tomra, and Everything Office Products include:

  • Aether Intelligent Messaging is a low-cost, fast and secure wireless bridge between a company's data and applications and its employees and customers.
  • The industry standard ScoutWare™family of products that connect business professionals with enterprise information anytime, anywhere

Wireless Hosting

Services include:

  • Two state-of-the-art Network Operations Centers with 24-hour customer service
  • Full provisioning and fulfillment for wireless device needs
  • Proven systems design and development

Wireless Internet and Messaging

Partners include: AlterEgo and Research in Motion

Products include:

  • EnterpriseISP™offers one-stop integrated wireless access for the enterprise.
  • BlackBerry by Aether™integrates with a users existing corporate email account, providing a wireless extension of the users regular email box. Customers can read, forward, reply, delete or file messages on the go while maintaining their single, existing email address and mailbox.

Wireless Commerce

Partners include: First Data, Western Union, and Visa Solutions provided:

  • Anywhere Account Access gives customers instant access to banking, bill payments and accounts.
  • Anywhere eWallet makes it possible for customers to conduct quick, easy, time sensitive transactions on their wireless devices.
  • Event Notification System alerts users to a range of customized triggers such as specific payments or deposits.
  • Anywhere Commerce Platform allows organizations to deliver their core services through any network to any device.
  • Person-to-person Payments allows customers to send or request money instantaneously.

Wireless Lead Management

Customers include: Brandow Automotive,, and Ford Lincoln Mercury Products include:

  • Netsearch provides retailers with the tools to monitor, track, and account for all web requests in real-time, ensuring rapid response. It increases competitive advantage, shortens sales cycles and improves customer satisfaction.

Professional Services

Customers include: Health club fitness tracking, inventory management, conference agenda management, sales force automation and lead generation and qualification.
Training is offered to provide customers with the skills they need to develop their own mobile solutions.

Aether Systems Vertical Divisions

Financial Services Contact information:

Key partnerships: Euronet and S1 Customers include: E*Trade and Products include:

  • StatusQuoteSM is a financial application that gives enterprises the freedom to access real-time equity market data about US equities markets anytime, anywhere, from web enabled devices to view, in real-time, snapshots of any stock equity traded on the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, and OTC markets.
  • Scwab's PocketBroker™is a wireless trading service allowing users to place trades, retrieve account information and access real-time financial information using a Palm organizer or RIM pager.


Contact information:

Customers include: ParkStone Medical, Data Critical Corp., and IScribe Products include: Aether provides end-to-end solutions for healthcare information sharing, two-way messaging, workforce automation, disease state management, compliance tracking, and data collection - all utilizing any wireless network and any wireless handheld device (Pocket PCs, PDAs, two-way pagers, web-enabled phones).

Transportation and Logistics

Contact information:

Key partnerships: eDispatch Customers include: Office Depot and National Carriers Products include:

  • Aether's e-Mobile™suite of products offers comprehensive solutions to automate the point of customer contact- sales, delivery, or service on a variety of wired and wireless communication networks.
  • MobileMAX2 is the first mobile communications device to combine land-based and satellite technology automatically delivering vehicle information to a central location.
  • e-Fleet combines GPS based solutions with Aether's wireless Internet network to implement Telematics and asset management solutions for the auto, trucking and broader transportation industry.

Mobile Government

Contact information:

Key partnerships: AT&T, Oracle, Verizon, Novatel Wireless, and Compaq Customers include: U.S. Postal Service, Poughkeepsie, NY Police Department, City of Seattle Police Department Products include:

  • PacketClusterŠ Patrol™is an open, standards-based wireless information software product that provides police officers in the field with direct access to motor vehicle and warrant information within seconds, reducing risk in potentially dangerous situations. Officers can tap into a wireless computer network from laptop computers in their cruisers to get complete motor vehicle and warrant information instantaneously.
  • PacketWriter Field Reporting is a mobile information solution that, when used in conjunction with PacketCluster Patrol, gives public safety agencies the combined benefits of real-time data collection and access to mission-critical information. It improves the accuracy of field interviews, accelerates report preparation, simplifies the review and approval process, and ensures more complete incident and accident reports.
  • PacketClusterŠ Rescue™software extends computer aided dispatch, fire records management systems and other in-house data sources to a mobile environment, making it a powerful tool for fire service agencies of all sizes. It provides a wireless conduit for delivering critical information to responding engines, ladder trucks and supervisory vehicles.

Aether Systems Joint Ventures

  • Sila Communications -- Europe's leading provider of network and device independent wireless solutions and mobile delivery systems.
  • Mindsurf Networks - A leader in K-12 wireless computing. 


How to Contact Aether Systems, Inc.

Headquartered in Owings Mills, Md., Aether has offices that span the United States. For product and sales information, contact Aether Systems at 11460 Cronridge Drive, Owings Mills, MD 21117, via telephone at (410) 654-6400, fax (410) 654-6554 or visit the Website at

Press Contacts:

Investor relations: Gregg Lampf, Aether Systems, 410-654-6400,

Media relations:

Greg Abel, Aether Systems, 410-654-6400, Erich Shea, The Weber Group, 703-351-5605,

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