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Aether is applying its expertise in wireless and mobile communications to address the wideranging demands of the transportation, auto and distribution marketplaces. We have an expanding suite of wireless, Internet-enabled solutions and customized offerings that provide our customers with the flexible they need to meet their unique mobile management needs including:

  • Pick-up and delivery automation
  • Fleet and driver management
  • Asset and freight tacking
  • Telematics and mobile internet solutions for the auto and truck industry
  • And more

Aether takes an innovative approach to applying technology to products and services that make our customers’ solutions practical, reliable and cost-effective. Specific solutions we offer include:

  • e-Mobile™ – e-Mobile™ Delivery is a wireless package delivery automation platform that integrates with your existing host network system and allows you to track your products throughout the delivery cycle. Your drivers use the latest handheld devices to capture critical information and make it immediately available over the Internet. e-Mobile™ helps improve productivity, shorten billing cycles, eliminate Proof of Delivery write-offs and improve customer service.
  • MobileMAX2 - MobileMAX2 is the first mobile communications device to combine land-based and satellite technology in one rugged shell. It automatically delivers vehicle information to a central location. MobileMAX2 combines proven Mobile Messaging Service with a more powerful design for complete coverage and cost-efficient communications.
  • e-Fleet – e-Fleet combines GPS based solutions with Aether’s wireless Internet network to implement Telematics and asset management solutions for the auto, trucking and broader transportation industry.

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