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Physicians and Healthcare Providers

Over 600,000 physicians deliver medical care in the United States. Aether''s technology is meeting the needs of these physicians to improve productivity and healthcare delivery efficiencies. The best way to accomplish this is to integrate wireless solutions across the daily workflow model, and thus gain physician acceptance of wireless technology. Thanks to Aether''s wireless point of care technologies, physicians can already benefit from fast access to patient data, referral information, lab ordering and results, drug interaction notes, and formulary listings.

Aether''s technology is currently enabling solutions that improve productivity of healthcare providers. A major focus of Aether and our partners is wireless prescription generation and delivery - the ability for physicians to electronic write and submit prescriptions to a pharmacy, thus eliminating the inefficiencies of the traditional method of handwriting and calling in prescriptions.

Physicians are also seeing improved care delivery and efficiencies because of the electronic medial record. With Aether, the electronic medical record becomes the wireless and mobile medical record. Aether''s technology enables solutions that provide wireless access to patient''s charts and records while also allowing vital patient data to be captured electronically at the point of care. Combined with the ability to order lab tests and receive results directly on a wireless device, wireless point of care technology is quickly improving the delivery and timeliness of healthcare.

Aether''s wireless technology promotes administrative and clinical efficiency.

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