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Pharmaceutical Industry

Over $1 billion are spent annually by the top twenty-five pharmaceutical companies in the country with the sole purpose of detailing physicians and their healthcare delivery practices. These same pharmaceutical companies have a combined field sales force of over 100,000 people.

Traditionally, the pharmaceutical sales force has used a paper-based system for physician management - especially important to the pharmaceutical companies is the ability to track sample medications dispensed at a practice and medications most commonly prescribed. More recently, the paper-based system of capturing this information has given way to laptop computers, which has helped reduce reliance on paper forms which are easily lost or misfiled.

Aether''s wireless technology offers the pharmaceutical industry a proven solution for mobile workforce automation. The Aether solution enables critical physician and prescription data to be captured wirelessly which leads to faster and more accurate data collection and drug sample management. In addition, the field sales force is empowered to be more productive and to respond quicker to a physician''s needs. For example, the inventory of sample medications can be accurately measured and additional samples ordered as necessary, right from the palm of the sales person''s hand. And, considering that prescription drug spending is the fastest growing sector of healthcare spending, the information captured at a physician''s office can be an invaluable competitive advantage.

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