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HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Aether Systems is leading the way in HIPAA compliance. In concert with its existing secure messaging infrastructure, Aether has undertaken the security, electronic signature, and privacy rule mandates required for becoming HIPAA enabled.

Aether Systems'' security measures, covering data transmission, applications, and networks, are considered best of breed. Our comprehensive security programs have been tested and proven by the unique demands of our financial services business, far exceeding compliance with in-depth security audits by our Financial Institution clients, the SEC, Reuters and various Financial Markets such as NYSE, NASDAQ, and CBOE among others.

Aether''s execution of its documented HIPAA business and compliance plan encompasses the skills, training, organizational processes, audits and the physical and technical infrastructure necessary for legal compliance, as well as a designated HIPAA compliance officer to execute and monitor the program.

Additionally, a member of the Aether staff is the founder and co-chair of the National HIPAA Security Summit. This group is comprised of approximately 200 different health care organizations and is chartered to develop industry-best practices for compliance with the HIPAA security rule. This group works directly with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to provide industry feedback on this and other HIPAA rules.

Collectively, these actions provide value-added service to our healthcare clients, ensuring wireless compliance for theses clients far ahead of the scheduled HIPAA regulation dates and further strengthening our commitment to security and privacy.

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