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Clinical Trials

Billions of dollars are spent annually on drug testing and government approval of medications. The testing process consists of lengthy trials and complex data collection methods. The traditional testing process relies on a paper-based system, which brings with it fundamental issues related to accuracy and time. In addition, it is estimated that every day a "blockbuster" drug remains in a given trial, the pharmaceutical company is losing as much as $1 to $3 million in unrealized sales.

By enabling wireless devices to capture data at the trial site, Aether is helping make sure the latest advancements in medical care are reaching those who need it in the most timely manner possible. With Aether''s wireless solutions, handheld devices are collecting data in real-time from trial subjects and allowing results to be tracked on an ongoing basis, even from multiple trial site locations. By collecting data on site in real-time, pharmaceutical companies are realizing improved quality and integrity of data, allowing pharmaceuticals to reach the market in a quicker manner.

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