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PocketBlue™ is the first handheld application for mobile law enforcement that is part of a fully integrated mobile data system, providing secure messaging and alarm capabilities for all connected mobile users, as well as data collection and reporting functionality to address concerns relating to racial profiling.

PocketBlue combines the freedom of portability with the security of being fully integrated with every arm of your agency:

  • Wireless handheld solutions for foot, bike, mounted patrol, and other special details
  • Query on persons, vehicles, guns, and articles against all major databases
  • Full integration with in-vehicle laptops for secure text messaging and system-wide alarms
Customer Quotes

South Pasadena, Calif.: The South Pasadena Police Department has been using PocketBlue by distributing the Palm-based application to officers in the auto theft and Los Angeles County Narcotics special task forces and to several of its detectives.

"Currently, we have both detectives and uniform officers using PocketBlue," said Police Chief Michael Berkow of the South Pasadena police department. "Los Angeles County auto theft task force (TRAP) has found the handhelds to be especially useful during stakeouts and for checking junkyards and auto repair yards. In the latter, police officers, as they walk down the rows of cars, are easily able to run plates and VIN (vehicle identification number) data."

Lake County, Fla. Sheriffs Office: Marine, agriculture, undercover and mounted patrols use PocketBlue as an extension of their laptop-based PacketCluster Mobile Data System, enabling them to stay connected with the rest of the force while providing freedom to access information anytime and anywhere.

"The PocketBlue handhelds have proven to be a valuable addition to our PacketCluster system. We now have the ability to access information in areas where a full laptop was not feasible in the past," said Sheriff George E. Knupp, Jr. of the Lake County, FL Sheriff's Office. "The PocketBlue system does just what we need, it puts the information in the hand (or pocket) of officers in bike, undercover, mounted, investigative and marine units. Unlike PCs, laptops and radios, the handhelds drop into the officer's pocket or under the seat for quick and inconspicuous access to critical information, which is particularly useful when an officer is undercover."

AT&T Wireless: AT&T Wireless provides wireless access to criminal information databases such as NCIC. AT&T Wireless Data allows agencies to send mug shots, fingerprints and field reports over a wide area network. Wireless IP (CDPD) increases officer safety and productivity, and saves agencies money by avoiding data infrastructure costs.

"AT&T Wireless is proud to support Aether's most recent effort in creating a mobile government that is fast, responsive and accountable to citizens and taxpayers," Norvel McDonald, Regional Director of Sales, AT&T Wireless. "By providing a CDPD-based wireless network for law enforcement agencies running PocketBlue, we're helping Aether make its mobile vision of digital government a reality."

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