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Q. My Pager won't work!

A. Yes, this is the number one question, and yes, in most cases, there's a simple solution. Replace the battery! We strongly recommend changing the battery every 10 days. Since we ask that you keep the power on 24 hours a day (so that the information published in your pager is always the freshest data available), batteries do become depleted. Low batteries often cause faulty and unpredictable pager performance, even if it appears that the power is still on. If, after replacing your battery, your pager still isn't working, call our hotline anytime. The number is 800-828-0870. If you call between 9AM and 5PM Eastern time, you'll have instant access to one of our customer service representatives. If you call during off-hours, leave a voicemail -- a representative is always on call and will be paged automatically with your message.

Q. What do all these strange numbers on my pager stand for?
How do I change the settings on my pager?
What do the buttons do?

A. We've designed our pagers to maximize the delivery of important market data through a small data pipeline. All the information you need is available in a concise format that makes finding it a snap once you know how our system works. It's really very simple, and you can read about it in our on-line pager tutorial. There you'll find out how to customize your pager and how to navigate our interface, too.

Q. My pager hasn't gotten an update!

A. On weekends from 6PM Friday to 3PM Sunday, no new data is published. In addition, certain exchanges in different parts of the world may be closed for local holidays, etc.

Q. I'm getting updates, but the information is stale!

A. If you know that your pager is receiving updates because the time stamp on the data pages is changing, but the data isn't, call tech support at 800-828-0870 immediately. There's a possibility that there is a system problem. Chances are we're already working on it, but if you call we can let you know when to expect everything to be running smoothly again.

Q. Why is exchange information mixed up on certain pages?

A. The data appearing on your pagers is bundled in logical groups. Usually this is immediately obvious, but sometimes apparently unrelated information is published on the same page. We try to publish all the data from a given exchange together, so you can stay on top of that market at a glance. For instance, CME provides information on live cattle, hogs, S&P futures, and eurodollars.

Q. Can my pager alert me when a price or index reaches a certain threshold?
Can my pager show me charts and graphs of market performance?

A. The answer to both of these questions is, "Not at this time." We are constantly working to improve our service, however, and are constantly evaluating new advances in pager technology. Check this web site often to find out the latest! Or go to our contact page and sign up for our automatic email newsletter -- we'll keep you informed!

Q. I got my bill, but what are all these charges for?

A. First of all, there's the basic monthly service charge. Then there are maintenance charges depending on the kind of pager you have and the service plan you sign up for. If you have signed up for any optional features, you will be billed regularly, and if you have the F/X Alert pager, there is an additional monthly access fee. Bills are sent out on the 1st of every month, and are due on the 15th.

PocketFutures customers do not get billed -- the customer's credit card is charged automatically every month. You can request a detail of your account at any time and we will send you an email or fax.

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