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Twenty - Four - Seven Support
Having difficulty with your product? Aether Financial Services provides support 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Our customer service representatives will handle any product-specific question during normal business hours. After hours, our 24-hours support staff will handle your phone call swiftly and efficiently. Customer service numbers are just a click away.

Please use the following step-by-step guide before calling Customer Service. In the event this checklist doesn't solve your problem,

  • Is your battery dead?
    Try inserting a new battery if you suspect your battery is weak. Please use alkaline batteries only.
  • Are you out of coverage?
    The most common problem is a weak battery. The second most common problem is when you are out of the coverage area. If you are, your service should resume when back in coverage. Please remember that wireless coverage is different on each network. While wireless coverage is usually sufficient in the major metropolitan areas, the coverage does fall off in the suburbs and away from major metropolitan areas.

In the event this checklist doesn't solve your problem,
please feel free to call us:

Mobeo has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). This database is continually updated as new products are introduced and new problems reported. Please check here first to see if your specific problem has already been reported.

CLICK HERE for our Trial Offer or to find out more, or call:

Aether Financial Services is the leading provider of real-time wireless financial information in the country.


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