Blackberry(tm) by Aether(tm)

Keeping you connected and productive!

Mobile email access has been a longstanding challenge for most organizations. In order to allow remote access to corporate email, mobile professionals and MIS departments have been forced to live with an imposing range of technical issues, workflow interruptions and significant costs. Common complaints include: constant dialing-in, security concerns, incompatible hotel phone systems, lack of accessible phone jacks, long-distance charges, bulky equipment, missed messages and overloaded inboxes.

Improve Personal Productivity and Workgroup Collaboration:

BlackBerry by Aether provides effortless, mobile access to  your email and organizer, allowing you to stay connected and productive when you are away from your desk.

  • Quickly share information with your workgroup
  • Easily update your appointments and tasks
  • Promptly respond to urgent messages
  • Easily access web information
  • Manage your email more effectively
  • Minimize downtime throughout the day
  • Stay in touch wherever you go

Get Your BlackBerry by Aether Today!

BlackBerry by Aether is available for a flat monthly fee of just $39.95 with a one (1) year commitment. This monthly fee provides you with unlimited messages with no additional usage fees. Each month we simply bill your credit card of choice. And, should you have questions or need assistance, just contact us by email at  For BlackBerry by Aether sales information, please call us at 866-264-0788 or or email us at



wireless email

BlackBerry by Aether offers a unique combination of hardware, software and service to provide easy and affordable access to your corporate email wherever you go.

  • Send and receive email from the palm of your hand.
  • Integrates with your own email mailbox and address.
  • Personal Information Management (PIM) connected organizer with PC synchronization.
  • Powerful wireless handheld with Intel386 processor, embedded wireless modem, easy-to-use keyboard and backlit screen


RIM 957 Wireless Handheld

RIM 950 Wireless Handheld

RIM 957 Wireless Handheld

RIM 950 Wireless Handheld