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AETHER: The Link to your Future!

READY to create cutting-edge technology that accelerates the adoption of wireless applications?

READY to deliver advanced wireless products and services to the rapidly expanding marketplace?

READY to shape how wireless mobile products will be used in the 21st Century?

WANT to join a growing, fast-paced, exciting company?

WANT an equity stake, comprehensive benefits, opportunity to have fun?

LOOKING for a company that takes care of its employees?

Welcome to Aether. We're leading the way in creating a world where handheld computing devices of all types are connected to real-time information across any network. Our end-to-end wireless enabling solutions are reliable, viable and in use today. As you can see from analyst reports, press articles and other sources, Aether has attained critical first-mover advantage.

Still not convinced that Aether is the right place for you? Then consider this: wireless technology will change the future in ways that have not yet been conceived. Aether is at the forefront of this innovation. Shouldn't you be there right along with us? Search our opportunities and contact us today!

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