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To be successful in life you must continue to challenge your self both personally and professionally. Aether values the ongoing professional development of our employees and we encourage all of our staff, both technical and non-technical to keep up to date on current trends and technologies within our industry.

To do this, Aether currently offers its employees SmartForce, the computer based training system that allows you to train "Anytime/Anywhere."

Online training not your forte? Then a classroom setting might be better for you. In that case, take advantage of our Tuition Reimbursement program for continuing education.

Whether you want to improve your professional skills or obtain another degree, Aether is behind you all the way!!!

CBT Training
Learn more about Aether's Computer Based Training program by visiting our training site.

Sample Courses:

  • Advanced Web Authoring: JavaScript
  • C++ Programming: Files and Streams
  • Organizational Behavior: Motivation and Stress Management
  • Management: Leadership- Communication and Teamwork
  • Project Management: Scheduling
  • Oracle Introduction: Subqueries, Reports, and DML
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Desktop: Building Internet Applications
Employee Referral
Know someone interested in working for a cutting edge company? We know our employees have their finger on the pulse of the industry- making them our best recruiting source. In fact, 40% of our employees came from our employee referral program.

Aether rewards its employees for bringing in the best talent.

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