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Two things we all ponder when considering a career move revolve around the professional challenge and a company's corporate culture.

So, you ask yourself, "What is Aether's work environment and culture really like? Will I fit in? Will I find people with my same interests?"

We asked some of our employees to share their thoughts on why they joined Aether and how they thought our culture was defined. Here's what they had to say...

"We're not like a typical technology company, we are something much more. We have only been in the industry 4 years and we continue to grow and change every day. We don't have a mold that each professional must fit in to."

"You're free to express your creativity without barriers."

"Aether is progressive and on the cutting edge of the mobile computing industry."

"We have cool and innovative technology."

"Everyone is here because they enjoy what they do, not because it's something to do."

"You're free to express your ideas and truly be a professional!"

"It's great to be on the ground level of a company on the forefront of the wireless industry. Aether is going to change the way the world runs!"

In a nutshell, Aether values its employees for their knowledge and professionalism and offers a rewarding environment that treats them with the respect they deserve. Now isn't that the type of environment that would make you happy?

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