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Advantage Enterprise: The Benefits

Wireless data technology has arrived. Forward thinking businesses are already leveraging its benefits to overcome competitive barriers. AIM is a fast, cost-effective way to develop transaction-based enterprise applications that extend the enterprise, provide seamless information access and improve service. Organizations that target operational improvement and immediate returns start with AIM. Here are some pointed reasons:

  • Complete Client / Server Enterprise Connectivity
  • Device Platform Transparency
  • Wireless Network Protocol Transparency
  • Technology Independence and Scalability
  • Seamless Enterprise Connectivity
  • Application Reliability
  • Improved Bandwidth Compression and Operation Cost
  • Application Security
  • Increase Application Life
  • Reduced Application Development
  • Time Realized Cost Savings

Advantage Developer: The Benefits

AIM is revolutionizing wireless systems development. Enterprises once tantalized merely by the possibilities of wireless data systems are now realizing the very concrete benefits. AIM's enabling technology supports "wizards" and easy-to-use API's, effortlessly extending the applications to mobile devices and wireless systems. In the end, all of this allows software developers to focus their attention where it's needed most -- on critical business issues. And that's the best benefit of all.

AIM provides:

  • An Easy-To-Use Family of Software Development Kits (SDK's) and Development Libraries
  • Message Generation Capability and Screen Builders
  • Compression, Security, and Messaging Tools for Complete Enterprise Applications
  • Functions As an Add-In and Extension to Development Environments Such as Microsoft Visual Studio and Metrowerks CodeWarrior
  • Complete and Easy-To-Use On-Line Documentation
  • A Full-Service Aether Systems, Inc. Developer Support Organization
  • Complete Simulation Toolset For the Test and Implementation of Wireless Applications

An Enabling Methodology -
Connecting the Mobile to the Enterprise

Methodology for Mobile Development Technology for Wireless Data Network Development Technology for Server Connectivity

System Architecture

Technical Features

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